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Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness Coverage

critical illness coverage

Don't Leave Yourself Financially Vulnerable

Relatively new in the US, Critical Illness insurance fills a critical gap. Let's say you have a heart attack and now can't work during your recovery period. Where do you get the money to tide you over for your living expenses or your business expenses until her disability policy starts paying benefits? Where will the money come from?

How Critical Illness Policies Work

All critical illness policies are designed to pay a policyholder at the first diagnosis for the most common big illnesses: cancer, heart attack, stroke and/or Alzheimer's disease. There isn't any treatment plan or continued claim forms that you or your doctors have to submit. It's just that simple.

The Policy Is Easy To Use

The payment you receive from the insurance company can be used for anything you need as you're recovering.

To help you decide how much coverage you might need, think about how much you would need for three months of living expenses or operating expenses, if you are a business owner. It may be time to look at this pertaining to your own situation. We'll be happy to help you.

I want my clients to know that even through difficult times, we are here to listen, offer a helping hand and give the very best advice pertaining to the welfare of your loved ones.

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